FAQ for Moonlight Studios

1.   How long is a full day / half day?

Full day - 9am to 6pm with 30 min lunch 

Half day - 4 hrs (9am - 1pm or 2pm - 6pm)

2.  What should we bring?  

Bring all your best equipment as if you were going to play live.  Drums sound best with new / newer heads.  Guitars sound best with new strings.  Bass sounds best with newer strings.  We have good equipment too, but we like to have options.

Bring some snacks and drinks.  We have water and throat coat tea, but if you are a water snob, bring your favorite bottled water

3.  How do we get into the studio?  

Walk to the left side of the house and find the grey door.  Knock or come on in!   

***Please DO NOT go to the front door of the house.  

4.  When does load in / set up begin?

Everything starts at the session start time.  Arriving early means sitting in your car for a little while.

5.  Where do we park?

After you load in, there is plenty of street parking.  *** DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF A MAILBOX.  Make sure there as at least 1 full car length between your car and any mailbox.

6.  When and how do we pay?

A $50 deposit is required for each scheduled day and will be due shortly after you schedule.  Once the deposit is paid, you are confirmed and will owe the remaining balance at the end of each day.  We take cash, checks to "Moonlight Studios", and credit / debit cards.

7.  Is mixing and mastering included?  

Typically, the answer is "yes."  It's all calculated into the time and budget that we discuss beforehand.  However, any additional time needed for mixing and mastering will cost $50 per hour.  

8.  Can we get our Pro Tools session files, instrumental mixes, live mixes, etc?

We typically try to do this during our session time.  If you want session files, please bring a drive that holds 64 GB or more.  Any time we spend on your music outside of your scheduled sessions costs $50 per hour.  This includes getting stem mixes, live mixes, small revisions, instrumental tracks, etc...  If it takes time, we charge.

9.  If we accidentally lose our masters or forget to save them, can we just email you anytime for the rest of the century and expect you to resend them?

Haha, good question.  Unfortunately, the answer is "No".  We understand that everyone is human, which makes it that much more important that you make multiple copies of your master files and keep good track of them.  We will try to be gracious but if habitual losing of files is your thing, we will begin charging for our time.

We will keep your masters and sessions for at least 1 full year before we delete them.  However, hard drives sometimes fail so please be responsible with your intellectual property.

10.  Can we bring beer?

Yes.  No drunkenness.

11.  Can we smoke marijuana on the premises?

No.  Keep your weed in your car and don't tell us about it.

12.  Can we vape in the studio?

Yeah, as long as the flavor smells good it's cool with us.

13.  Can we bring a few friends?

Use your best judgement and please let us know if someone plans to "drop by" or hang out.  We have limited space so having a party during your session doesn't necessarily spawn production and creativity.  If you do have multiple people with you who are not contributing to your music, be prepared to make them leave if they become a distraction.  

*** Anyone who visits Moonlight Studios must read this full page.